New York has recently become a film & TV town. But it always has had a thriving COMMERCIAL INDUSTRY and you should be a part of it!
Work with two giants of the Commercial Industry:
David Bellantoni; Commercial Casting Director
Kathy Searle; Leading Commercial Actor


Here’s What You Get

  • Opportunity to work on-camera with current commercial copy
  • Receive detailed Feedback
  • Learn what a commercial casting directorlooks for in taking on actors for representation
  • Secrets to commercial success from the actor’s point of view
  • Smart moves to make & hidden mistakes to avoid
  • Ask questions about the commercial industry
  • Make important career contacts
  • Find out the hidden benefits of commercial work. Get ready to be amazed!


Wednesday, September 27th
To register:
or Call 212-242-4700 
353 Studios
353 West 48th Street (b/t 8th & 9th Aves.) New York, NY 10036


Our 212th Forum in the past 29 years!

Thursday, September 7th


353 Studios, 353 West 48th Street; New York, NY

This is our 212th Forum in the past 29 years! Timing is everything! Meet and audition for seven emerging film director stars just as they are “exploding” or “blowing up” as they say, in the business. Included will be a detailed discussion on what tier upcoming projects are and how they work with and hire actors. Each of these directors is seeking new, qualified talent NOW. These life-long career opportunities are priceless as they and you rise in the business.

Includes 3 days of free coaching + video greeting prior to the forum. $145

Panelists to include:
Dorian Coss is a Director and Cinematographer (located here in Manhattan) equipped with the Red Epic Dragon, Blackmagic 4k, Sony F7, Sony A7s, Canon 5d MIII, Zeiss CP.2’s along with the DJI Ronin (3 axis stabilizer). He is well versed in narrative filmmaking, documentary, commercial, journalistic, and event style photography. Having years of experience as a director, Dorian works well with talent – from ‘real people’ to celebrities as well as with producers, agencies, and crew members. Keeping the morale up and getting the most out of the crew is one of his strengths. 
Today, Dorian directs/ DP’s/edits national broadcast commercials for companies such as Pfizer, Volvo Nokia, and other high-profile clients/agencies. 
“It’s always exciting and a thrill to meet new talent and I very much look forward to give back to the film community that so graciously embraced me.
I’m always looking for a killer team to collaborate with.”

Film Maker
 Travis Satten is an award-winning film-maker based in New York City with a passion for bold concepts, vivid images and writing in the third person.
Current Projects: Commercial projects for Reebok, Panera, Trojan and Kia.
XXL Freshman                                            Dannon Oikos                                   Crossfit Games
“I’m very excited to be meeting with another great group of  actors at the Studio. Scott and his team have an eye for spotting incredible emerging talent and this is a great opportunity to meet and connect with them.” 

Director/Cinematographer/Writer – Whiteboard Pictures

I’m currently a senior writer/ in-house director at Vayner Media, as well as a freelance filmmaker with Swoon New York, Muthership, and Whiteboard Pictures. All amazing creative agencies and production companies that produce top notch work for the clients we work with – Maserati, Chevron, Squarespace, Verizon, JCPenney, Brooklyn Cyclones, Chase, just to name a few.

I love taking an idea and turning into something palpable, something that engages and influences the audience it was created for, as well as the audiences who never saw it coming. I love the way camera movement evokes emotion, like a smell that instantly brings you back to a specific place and time. I love the audio visual dance. I love pulling performances out of talent. But most of all, I love taking an idea, solving it, and then shattering it against a wall, just to start all over again and see how it comes out differently. I love this business. I love short film and storytelling. I have shot all over the world, all types of people, concepts, and ideas. I bring a fresh perspective that elevates brand content above and beyond what’s expected.

Current Projects: Web spot for a new line of GE light bulbs.
“I’m looking forward to meeting new up-and-coming talent that can help elevate the quality of my next project.”

 Editor, Director, Writer
Matthew Charof  is an award winning filmmaker who made his debut with a commission from the Norwegian Consulate called Dugnad and later won best short film at the London Film Awards for his film Pale. His latest film, The Times, was an IFP Screen Forward Lab recipient and is now being developed as a hour long drama. Matthew’s short film Violet was presented at IFP Film Week Marketplace and is now being developed into a feature film.
Current Projects: I am currently in post production for my latest short film called Violet and my last short film, The Times, just premiered in Spain. My latest feature screenplay, The Grove is currently in development and among the film work I am doing I also work as a commissioned director and editor and just finished working with Google on their Pride campaign.


“I believe that ideas, no matter how big or small, can change the world and creating a space to share them is very important.”

Darya Zhuk left Minsk, Belarus at the tender age of 16 to study in the US. Six years later with a cum laude B.A. degree from Harvard University, Darya Zhuk started making films first as a video artist, then as a producer and today as a director. She is a proud honors graduate of Columbia University MFA program in Directing. Her films have been selected to SXSW, Tarkovsky, Oaxaca, Atlanta, Palm Springs, Koroche, Santa Fe Independent film festivals just to name a few. In 2015, she won the best female writer-director award from New York Women in Film and Television for her work on The Real American, as well as the jury prize for the best short at the oldest film festival in Belarus, Listapad; What Doesn’t Kill You won the best short at Boston Jewish Film Festival. In 2014, she directed a half-hour comedy pilot for the Russian cable network TNT called Filfak, which has been green-lit for production. She splits her time between Brooklyn, Moscow and Minsk.

Director, Whiteboard Pictures
Jonathan Whittaker is a partner and founding member of ManInHat, a New York based production company. With over 15 years of experience in the film industry, having produced, directed and lensed short films, music videos, live concerts, commercials, TV shows, feature docs and 3D specials, he is never one to shy away from a new challenge. Nissan, Sony Pictures, DirecTV, Gillette and Sports Illustrated are just a few of his clients and collaborators. When he is not on set or in an edit you can usually find him at the head of a lecture hall sharing his thoughts on the art of cinematography and directing. In addition to being a resident professor at The New York Film Academy he has also given guest lectures all over the globe, include but not limited to the venerable Beijing Film Academy, Shanghai Theater Academy and Dar El-Hekma. Contributing Director for the Hakaya Festival in Riyadh. Read more about it here.
Current Project: “Lily.” Feature film.
Recently Projects: “Native Tourists.” Feature film.
“As someone who is always interested in meeting new faces and emerging talent, I am really looking forward to this event.”

“I am looking forward to sharing my perspective on film making and am excited to find new talent.” 


No refunds – In house credit only. Cancellations up to 3 days prior to the Forum for which you register can be used towards a future Forum within 6 months of the date of your registered Forum.